Hair Care Tips

Hair wefts are cut from humans and need to be treated well as if it is your own hair. If care improperly, problems will easily occur.

Keep your hair moisturized.
Use a moisturizer at least once a day so as to keep a proper moisture balance in the hair. It is advisable to use a moisturizer that will not leave excessive product build up on your hair or cause it to be weighed down. A water based moisturizer is best but be sure to use it sparingly and apply it evenly to your hair while paying particular attention to your ends so as to avoid split ends.

Wash your hair at least once a week.
Wash it every week with cleansing conditioner and moisturizing conditioner. Washing in Lukewarm water, & Rinsing in cool. Washing your hair is extremely important as it relieves your hair of any product build up or dirt you may have incurred during the week. This will restore moisture and strength to your hair while bringing back a natural body and bounce. Hair that is dirty or that has heavy product build up may not move as freely as hair that is clean and may become dry and tangled.

When washing and after wahsing.
Don't comb using comb or finger no matther what types, textures when hair is wet or damp or being washing. You should also exercise extra caution and care when combing hair that is wet or damp because wet hair is fragile.

Let your hair air dry.
After washing, put hair flatly to dry in its natural curl or wave pattern. Until dry totally, please do not comb with comb or finger. (If unable to wait for hair to completely air dry then blow the style using blow dryer on low or cool air). You will need to restyle after washing and drying, just like your own hair.

Minimize your use of heat.
Try not to use too much heat on your hair as it may result in damage to your hair such as breakage and split ends. Flat irons, curling irons, curling wands and other heated styling tools should not be turned up too high. The overuse of heat will also cause the hair’s natural curl or wave pattern to change as a result of heat damaged.

Don’t forget to deep condition.
Deep condition at least twice a month. You can always rotate between a moisturizing deep conditioner and a protein deep conditioner. You want to deep condition your hair according to the way it feels. If when combing you hair it feels brittle then you need more moisture. If your hair is stretchy when combing then you may need a protein deep conditioning. Shea moisture or Creme of Nature are great recommended options.

Never sleep on wet hair.
Sleeping on hair that is wet may cause matting and tangling. Always dry your hair completely before going to bed at night so as to guarantee the longevity of your hair in its healthiest state.

Use a wide tooth comb when combing your hair.
Better use a wide tooth to comb. Don't comb hard or rudely, comb gently if hair is combed without care, shedding may easily occur. Except straight, body wave, loose wave, the rest hair styles cannot be combed with comb or fingers, only can grab using fingers. Finger detangle gently, from ends to root. Also keep curly hair moisturized with water and leave in conditioner mix. For loose wave and body wave, before restyling after washing and drying, pls comb the hair firstly.

Dye your hair.
Don't dye or restyle hair too often. It's recommended to only dye once per bundle. Can be dyed within #27 color, don't lift black to very light color because it will cause severe damage. If you really want to light color, please make sure that is completed by a professional stylists or order colored hair directly from us. Keep in mind some hair can be dyed easily, & some hair cannot, just like the raw hair. If you follow above tips to properly care them, your hair will remain healthy and beautiful for very long time. If any question, please contact me, I'd love to help keep your extensions in great condition.